Re: Empirical Evidence

Chris Cogan (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 23:46:04 -0700

> At 03:45 PM 8/16/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >Is there any empirical evidence or are there any scientific tests and/or
> >models that support a theory of intelligent design?
> no. The sum total of "intelligent design" seems to be "well, it looks
> designed to *me*"

I proposed some tests for a specific category of ID theories, but most of
the responses were negative. It seemed that the particular *type* of ID
theory that most ID theorists support is the type of design where the design
efforts either occur ahead of type (i.e., when the Universe was created) or
which are somehow still going on but in which things are manipulated so as
to make the design efforts and the manipulations themselves invisible to
science (but, magically, visible to ID theorists as long as no one is
looking very closely or analytically).

They want it both ways. They want design theory accepted as a serious
scientific approach, but then they want to specify a particular type of
design theory that is, by definition, outside the pale of rational
validation, either by empirical or philosophical methods.