RE: Darkness spreads over Kansas

Susan Brassfield (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 09:54:06 -0600

>I've proposed to this list in the past that nature isn't creative and thus
>cannot be used to explain the origin of complex organisms. Before claiming
>that Evolution is a fact, someone ought to make the effort to demonstrate
>that Evolution is even possible in the first place by producing it.
>Ask for bread and you'll get stones. When you ask for an example of
>Evolution, you get things that are utterly insignificant and unimpressive.

clever! It won't go away by refutation, so you just *define* it out of
existence. If you get what you ask for you just say "not enough" and raise
the bar. That way you can keep saying with a more or less stright face
"see? they can't prove it!"

Using this method of yours it would be extremely easy to prove that
Christianity is not a religion and you are a Satanist.



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