RE: The science educators' Vietnam

Susan Brassfield (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 09:44:09 -0600

Susan (to Stephen):
>How does Johnson respond to the Pope's remarks? How does he account for the
>fact that Catholic schools have taught evolution since the 1960s even though
>their philosophical foundation can hardly be called "materialist/naturalist"?

>The naturalistic/materialistic 'foundation' argument is of course easily
>show erroneous.

Susan (again to Stephen):
>And why don't you ever answer my questions?
>My guess ? Because he can't. Indeed his arguments have shown themselves to
>be unsupportable in fact, and are often based upon a careless reading on
>his part.

It *is* amusing how he even misreads Johnson. But your are correct. He
ignores my questions because he can't answer them. :-)



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