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Susan B (
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 18:21:01 -0500 (CDT)

>Darwinists have used Darwinian evolution as a vehicle to disseminate their
>materialist-naturalist philosophy in public schools for decades, cleverly
>using the separation of church and State provisions of the USA
>constitution to foist their own secular religion on the majority of Americans
>who are creationist.

Since Steven is so fond of quotes here is one for him to chew on:

""It is indeed remarkable that [The Theory of Evolution] has progressively
taken root in the minds of researchers following a series of discoveries
made in different spheres of knowledge.

"The convergence, neither sought nor provoked, of results of studies
undertaken independently from each other constitutes in itself a significant
argument in favour of this theory."--Pope John Paul, Oct. 24, 1996

you can read the whole thing at:

The Pope can hardly be considered a "materialist/naturalist"!

How does Johnson respond to the Pope's remarks? How does he account for the
fact that Catholic schools have taught evolution since the 1960s even though
their philosophical foundation can hardly be called "materialist/naturalist"?

And why don't you ever answer my questions?

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