Introduction to Me

Hapi Daiz (
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 23:51:34 -0700 (MST)

I am very pleased to be a new member of this eGroup and look forward to
meaningful discussions. I am a serious student of the Bible and believe
it is inspired but not necessarily literal. I believe that it was
interpreted within the context of the times it was written and that the
prophesies were written after the fact.

I am also a strong evolutionist. I have been told that I can't love
God, or even believe in God, and accept evolution at the same time.
However, the evidence of evolution, to me, is the strongest indicator of
God's existence. Perhaps I belong to the group of creation by design;
except that doesn't quite fit, either.

I don't pretend to know how the earth or the universe was created -- if
I did, I wouldn't be a student. I expect that I am in the minority in
this group and hope I don't get flamed. I am truly interested in your
beliefs and why you believe that way. To tell me that you believe
because the Bible says so and is the Word of God doesn't do a thing for
me -- what evidence do you have inside yourself, why do you believe
creationism is fact? Do you Know that it's a fact or did somebody tell
you and it seemed reasonable?

My present teachers believe the Bible is literal and live by it to the
best of their human ability. I respect them for that, I can see that
they truly, honestly, and wholehertedly believe and that their
commitment is total. They are good people and, unlike too many
fundamentalists, their sense of what is true is strong enough that when
their belief is challenged, they aren't frightened away. And I do ask a
lot of questions and they keep coming back. They can see that my
commitment to the truth is as total as theirs. They believe they know,
and I am searching.

My religious background is varied. I was raised by a Mormon family, was
a Methodist for a while, went to Catholic schools, became totally turned
off by organized religion by the hypocrasy I saw, the total lack of a
"real world" view, and narrow-mindedness. But even as a child I wanted
answers; I'm still not sure there are any.

I will never put anyone down in this group for what they believe.
Everyone at some time or another has been a seeker; most believe they
have found the answer. I am interested in knowing why THEIR answer is
correct, and how they arrived at that conclusion.