Re: Behe on Kansas in Today's NYT

Cliff Lundberg (
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 09:53:52 -0700

Moorad Alexanian wrote:
>I think this whole thing of what embryos look like is nonsense. Folks, we
>are in the atomic age and what matters is the description at the molecular
>level andnot what appears to the naked eye of humans.

The Atomic Age--that was the 50's, wasn't it?

Seriously, molecular biology is great, but I for one will never be
satisfied until I have a picture of evolution in visible morphology.
I want to know what I would see with my own eyes if I could scan
the past with a time machine. Lacking a time machine doesn't mean
we must give up forever on puzzling this out.

Recapitulation theory may be mostly nonsense, but surely there
are clues in embryology.

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