Darkness spreads over Kansas

Fri, 13 Aug 1999 23:20:46 EDT

>>Nothing disgusts me more than evolutionists who call anyone who disagrees
>>with them "liars", which the term "falsehood" implies.

>I too have caught creationists in out and out lies. What does one do in that
>instance? It doesn't happen very often, but it *does* happen. Sometimes they
>are repeating lies told to them by people they should have been able to
>trust. Henry Morris's misrepresentation of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
>leaps to mind. He's an engineer. He knows how Newton's laws really work and
>chooses to lie about that one because it advances his creationist agenda and
>he knows his fundamentalist Christian audience is unsophisticated enough not
>to catch him at it.. Frankly I don't hold lies like that against anyone but
>the original teller.

>I *does* happen. So what do you do? What would YOU do if you caught an
>evolutionist telling an out and out lie? Keep silent? If so, why?


Hi Susan,
Why not keep silent? In the first place, I don't believe Henry Morris, or
anyone else involved in these debates "lies". I don't believe Dawkins, with
whom I completely disagree, "lies". When I disagree with them, I believe
they are mistaken. Having been mistaken myself at times in the past, I know
it happens. (I am confident I will also be mistaken at times in the future.)
I state my opinions, especially when it is a minority view, merely to give
support to others to share my unpopular beliefs. All views on evolution
seem to be defended with a religious zealotry these days, and I entertain no
possibility of changing anyone's beliefs on the subject. I enjoy the list,
where I learn of new publications and developments, and have found those
mentioned by Stephen Jones especially interesting. I probably disagree with
the creationists on as many points as I disagree with the Darwinists.
However, I have found the creationists to be more tolerant of civil