Re: Darkness spreads over Kansas
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 21:48:42 +0000

This is the only thing I want to respond to Bertvan on. Everything else
was said privately.

Bertvan wrote:
>Glenn: >And I don't believe that any falsehood should be tolerated.
>>falsehood in the name of God.
>Nothing disgusts me more than evolutionists who call anyone who disagrees
>with them
>"liars", which the term "falsehood" implies.

Goodness. Falsehood does not at all imply that one is lying. You are
really touchy. One can spread falsehood, like I did when I was a YEC, yet
not be a liar. I believed the falsehoods I was spreading, thus I wasn't
lying. Give me a break and quite trying to drive everything to the
extreme. There are more middle grounds than most people want to believe.


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