Darkness spreads over Kansas

Fri, 13 Aug 1999 21:37:25 EDT

Hi Glenn

Glenn wrote:>Concerning, my attacks on YEC please tell
>me where I have been bitter. (snip)
>I know that Stephen is an old earther. But he is the one I really think
>drove most of the real thinkers away from this list. He has the strange
>belief that as long as he can find one person to agree with him, then he is
>right. That of course is a crock. There used to be some really powerful
>thinkers on the list and within about 3 months of Stephen coming aboard,
>they all left.

Hi Glenn,
You don't regard this as bitter? Am I right in assuming these "powerful
thinkers" agreed with you, causing you to declare that Stephen drove then
I'm not convinced Stephen doesn't believe in some sort of evolution. He is
skeptical it was driven by "random mutation and natural selection", and I
that skepticism. Stephen and I probably disagree about whether the
Christian God
personally interfered in the process. However, until someone comes up with
better explanation than "random mutation and natural selection" (Darwinism),
Stephen's beliefs are as valid as any other.

Glenn: >And I don't believe that any falsehood should be tolerated. Especially
>falsehood in the name of God.

Nothing disgusts me more than evolutionists who call anyone who disagrees
with them
"liars", which the term "falsehood" implies.

Glenn: >You are somewhat of a puzzle to me. I don't see why you really care.
>have thought that you are a secret ID follower who simply doesn't want to
>admit that you do have a religious motivation. But then, I have seen some
>really different views on the various lists over the years.

I assume everyone is sincere in their beliefs, including you. While I
disagree with you,
I do not regard everyone who disagrees with me is either stupid or a liar or
insincere. I
Assure you many people are skeptical of Darwinism (random mutation and
selection as an explanation of macro evolution) who are not motivated by
religion. I care
for the same reason you do. I admire truth. I never tried to conceal the
fact that I believe
the laws of nature were designed-- not necessarily by the Christian God, but
that is an
area where one opinion is as good as another.