Re: Darkness spreads over Kansas

Susan Brassfield (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 09:50:53 -0600

Bertvan wrote (to Glenn):

>I applaud your belief in supporting the rights of the majority. However
>most of the people you criticize so bitterly as being against science are not
>YEC's. Neither Steve Jones nor I are YEC's, and I' m not even religious. I
>don't know the exact wording of the resolution of the Kansas school board.
>Maybe it just says "Darwinism"--"random mutation and natural selection as an
>explanation of macro evolution"--can't be taught in the schools as
>established fact.

they have set up guidelines for Kansas schools which allow all evidence for
evolution to be ignored. Of course, they are so ignorant of the subject
they think the evidence is confined to biology and paleontology. The
individual school districts can opt to not follow state guidlines in the
teaching of evolution.

>I would support such a resolution, and I consider myself a
>staunch supporter of science. Remember, until recently some organization of
>biology teachers declared evolution to be a random, impersonal process,
>without meaning or purpose. Surely, no one had a right to impose that
>philosophy upon children as established fact.

of course not. That's why it was rewritten. Science does not address
"meaning and purpose." That is the sole domain of religion.



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