RE: Darkness spreads over Kansas

Susan Brassfield (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 09:47:30 -0600

>At 08:43 AM 08/12/1999 -0700, Pim van Meurs wrote:
>>It's indeed sad to see how YEC'ers are willing to sacrifice the future of
>their youth just because their own faith disagrees with reality. It did not
>work in the dark ages, it will not work now.
>As an evolutionist who is totally committed to overturning YEC, I am going
>to surprise people with this comment. Frankly, this is a representative
>republic in action. If the representatives of Kansas or anywhere want to
>turn back from even looking at scientific theories, they have a right to go
>that way. It is called representation. While I think the path Kansas is
>taking is a path into self-delusion, the people do have a right to chose
>that path.

of course I agree that Democracy involves the concept that people get to be
as crazy as they want to be. The problem here is, that the religious right
(even I choke at referring to them as Christians) is such a huge financial
supporter of the Republican party that Republican legislators will kiss
their collective behinds on command. They don't really care what the voters
want or think. One of my Kansas friends (a committed Christian) refers to
his elected representatives as "eunichs."

I'm well aware that Kansas can do whatever it wants. I reserve the right to
bitch about it.

If this comes up in Oklahoma--and it probably will--I will be in the
forefront fighting against it. I hsudder at the thought of facts and data
being discarded because they conflict with mythology and wishful thinking.



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