Darkness spreads over Kansas

Fri, 13 Aug 1999 10:15:22 EDT

Hi Glenn,

I applaud your belief in supporting the rights of the majority. However
most of the people you criticize so bitterly as being against science are not
YEC's. Neither Steve Jones nor I are YEC's, and I' m not even religious. I
don't know the exact wording of the resolution of the Kansas school board.
Maybe it just says "Darwinism"--"random mutation and natural selection as an
explanation of macro evolution"--can't be taught in the schools as
established fact. I would support such a resolution, and I consider myself a
staunch supporter of science. Remember, until recently some organization of
biology teachers declared evolution to be a random, impersonal process,
without meaning or purpose. Surely, no one had a right to impose that
philosophy upon children as established fact.