RE: TE/EC marginalised? #1A

Pim van Meurs (
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 20:25:17 -0700

SJ : Of course creationists are not perfect, but in my experience of 4 years on
this Reflector, if there has been any creationist "intimidation, denigration
and abuse" on this Reflector (and off-hand I can't remember any), it *pales
into insignificance* compared to the "usual varying degrees of
intimidation, denigration and abuse" by TE/ECs against creationists (both
YEC and OEC), on this Reflector.

Stop whining Stephen.

SJ: If this level of "intimidation, denigration and abuse" was equally shared by
all positions on this Reflector then it could be blamed on the "medium".
Or if it was confined to the atheists and agnostics, it could be blamed on
their lack of Christian charity. But in fact the YECs, atheists and
agnostics on this Reflector, in my experience, are in the main, polite and
courteous, compared with the TE/ECs.

So which one are you Stephen since I hardly consider you polite and courteous.