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For those who don't receive Charles Colson's Breakpoint, here is a recent
review of Schwartz' un-Darwinian book, "Sudden Origins".

It reminds me of what Ankerberg & Weldon wrote in Moreland's "The
Creation Hypothesis":

"Suppose for a moment that Darwin's theory of natural selection is a
mistaken view about the origin and development of life. If so, wouldn't it
be reasonable to conclude that scientists themselves would become
increasingly aware of this and publicly state their findings? After all, how
could scientists in different disciplines not say something if they were
becoming more aware of the absence of hard evidence in support of
Darwin's theory and were face to face with scientific data that pointed to a
completely different theory-one that suggests the world was designed and
exists for a purpose?" (Ankerberg J. & Weldon J., in Moreland J.P., ed.,
"The Creation Hypothesis: Scientific Evidence for an Intelligent Designer",
1994, p270).


Nice "supposition" but quite irrelevant unless there is evidence to support that Darwin's theory is wrong and that there were evidence for design.
IC and ID have failed to deliver. So faith is all that remains.