Re: God...Sort Of #3
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 16:24:24 EDT

Greetings to One and All:

This third part of Steve's response to my post contains nothing new. Since I
have discussed all the points it raises in more detail in other posts, I see
no reason to repeat myself here. I will simply say that when he is finished
posting all his parts, I request that he provide actual evidence in the form
of references from the primary literature to support his claims rather than
simply quote the personal opinions of other scientists. He doesn't even need
to quote from any of the references, just summarize the reseach. I have
provided references to support my statements when Steve requested them, now
it is his turn. Personal opinion, even from other scientists, is no
substitute for actual experimental evidence, and it is time that Steve
present some, or admit he has none.

Kevin L. O'Brien