Human Genome May be Longer than Expected

Francis Maloney (
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 20:18:29 -0400

I am curious about this. How could they use sampling techniques? If they
used them on correspondence of elements, we would be one hundred percent
equal with chimps, if they used it on frequencies of nucleic acids, again
probably one hundred percent correspondence. If they randomly sampled
actual genes, the correspondence would be very low because the frquency of
any individual gene is very low, perhaps one in 3 billion. If they
compared sequences in known genes there is an element of bias in the
selection process; and then they would need to claim one to one
correspondence, gene for gene, human to chimps to extrapolate the results.

This fact or myth that we share 98 percent of the genetic make-up of chimps
comes up often and is a powerful argument, at least on the surface, for
evolution. I'd like to know more about it

Fran Maloney