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Susan B (
Mon, 31 May 1999 21:34:03 -0500 (CDT)

At 01:47 PM 5/31/99 EDT, you wrote:
> Someone asked me why I feel more critical of Darwinists than
>creationists, when both are doing the same thing--"defending the faith". I
>think the intolerance of the Darwinists offends me more than the rudeness of
>some their more zealous advocates. Earlier in this century when creationists
>were trying to prevent Darwinism from being considered--or mentioned in the
>classroom--I would have felt equally indignant about their tactics..

this has never stopped. In spite of Supreme Court rulings that creationism
is religion, it there is still constant pressure to teach it in high school
science classes. There is also a constant objection of any mention of
evolution in science classes.

>As long as all ideas are on the table for consideration, I have confidence
>whatever eventually emerges will be an approximation of the truth.

the idea that disease is caused by evil spirits is no longer on the table.
The truth has been quite clear for over a hundred years. Even most
Christians don't believe that Genesis is literally true in all
respects--though, of course, they believe that a specific middle-eastern god
ultimately created everything.

>changing world, maybe it would be safer if children were to learn for
>themselves how to judge ideas--including those ideas rejected by such
>authoritative figures as parents and the esteemed institution of science.

children can learn about creationism in Sunday School. Nobody objects to that.

>to belittle them, to doubt their motives or sincerity--or to accuse them of
>deliberate fraud. (I can't believe legitimate scientists would make such an

legitimate scientists will make such a charge if they believe they have
solid evidence to support it.

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