Re: Tolerance

Ed Brayton (
Mon, 31 May 1999 15:57:45 -0400 wrote:

> Panspermia--design--Neo Lamarckism-- Kauffman's innate, emergent
> order--Shapiro's live, creative genome-- all sound interesting to me, and
> time will tell if evidence for any of them can be developed. If creationists
> also want to seek scientific evidence, I see no reason to try to stop them,
> to belittle them, to doubt their motives or sincerity--or to accuse them of
> deliberate fraud. (I can't believe legitimate scientists would make such an
> accusation!)

I will only respond to this portion of your message, and only to point out that
sometimes there has been deliberate fraud in creationist circles. It is also
important to note that those creationists who deserve to be taken seriously find
this as troubling as I do. There has especially been a problem with dishonest
quoting of evolutionary scientists. The most recent example is an absolutely
outrageous distortion by Henry Morris of the work of Robert Carroll in a recent
Back to Genesis article. A legitimate scientist, or anyone interested in
integrity, should make such an accusation when it is supported. It is only a
problem when, like Dick Fischer's accusations against Art Chadwick, it is not

Ed Brayton