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Glenn R. Morton (grmorton@waymark.net)
Sat, 29 May 1999 21:50:37 -0500

Bertvan@aol.com wrote:
>Denton apparently does not believe in a personal god, Glen, but I admit he is
>not an Atheist. If you want to insist that everyone who isn't an Atheist is
>a creationist, it's OK with me.

Thanks for the quotation. I did not define creationist as you are
above. I said that a creationist is anyone who believes in a creator.
The creator may be the crocagator god, the demiurge or Jehovah. But
even some non-atheists are not creationists. Pantheists make God part
of the universe and thus He is a created being, created with the
universe. So they are not creationists by my definition. But they
aren't atheists either.

And in the tape I have, Denton clearly aligned himself with a theistic
God. He is a personal God.

>Since the Darwinists are the ones battling
>"creationism", maybe you should be allowed to define the terms. (You've
>instantly increased the number of your adversaries by some huge amount.)
>However every time I suggest "random mutation and natural selection" is an
>Atheist explanation for the diversity of life, I get indignant protests from

Maybe it is because you are presenting a logical non-sequitur. While
atheists must believe in evolution(random mutation and natural
selection), it does not follow that evolution(random mutation and
natural selection) is an atheistic explanation. God is all powerful
right? And God is omniscient, right? God is an independent being
right? Given this, if God choses to, he could create life via
evolution. If he did create life via evolution, then it is not an
atheistic explanation for life. It becomes a theistic explanation for
the diversity of life.

>I'm a little offended by your term Denton "wants to have it both ways". I
>assume both Darwinists and creationists are sincere in their beliefs. I
>respect your views and I respect those of creationists. I enjoy discussing
>evolution because I consider it a fascinating mystery, but I see no point in
>discussion with someone who might question my motives or sincerity.

Why should you be offended? I didn't question your motives. When I do,
you have a right to be offended. IF I offended anyone, I offended
Denton, not you. Given the divergence of quotations from him, he does
seem to be swinging both ways. Unless he believes that God created via
evolution. Then he is both a creationist and an evolutionist.


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