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Sat, 29 May 1999 11:29:07 EDT

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<< Bertvan:
In his latest book, At Home in the Universe or Nature's Destiny, (I can't
remember which is his and which is Kauffman's book) Denton says he is not a
creationst. Do you not take his word for it? >>

***** Why should anyone take his word? In EATIC, he used 14 year-old
cytochrome-c data to prop up his 'typology' approach, despite the fact that
as recently as 4-5 years before it EATIC was published, there was a major
re-evaluation of that data with additional data using more stringent methods
of analysis that demonstrated that the 'evolutionist view' of phylogeny was
correct. I consider that a major error of omission, one that should not be
taken lightly, especially when he was attempting to bolster his
anti-evolutionary claims 'scientifically..