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>Several of you have suggested that my colleagues were fired because they
were bad scientists. I find that a fantastic claim since none of you know
them. Indeed, you made that claim simply because they oppose evolutionary
theory, that's how deep your biases run. Actually, however, they were
excellent scientists. One discovered evidence which showed that the genes
which code for the variable and hypervariable regions of immunological
proteins could not have been produced by gene duplication and mutation, but
were in fact present in the form of pseudogenes from the very beginning,
simply waiting to be activated when a new disease appeared.

Since my PhD is in immunogenetics, and I am interested in the regulation of
immunoglobulin gene rearrangment during lymphocyte development, I find this
observation intriguing. Also intriguing is the fact that I have not
encountered this research before. Do you have citations I can look up? If
that is too much trouble, perhaps you can pass along the fellow's name and
I could do a medline search and dig his/her research up.



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