Re: What journals did Behe publish in ?
Mon, 24 May 1999 21:50:43 EDT

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<< So in fact it seems more likely that most competent molecular biologists
that molecular clocks are probabilistic in nature, and that while the rates
of mutation are constant but not necessarily uniform from one region of the
genome to another, the rates of fixation are neither constant nor uniform.
Yet for closely related species with similar generation times the rates of
substitution are fairly nearly uniform. Therefore, while the concept of a
'global' clock -- i.e., one which has a steady and constant substitution
across both history and organisms -- is highly questionable, the existence
'local" clocks -- i.e., ones which have steady and constant substitution
rates for a few closely related species recently diverged from a common
ancestor -- is more reasonable.

This is what I intended to convey in my apparently too short reply.