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At 10:41 PM 5/20/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi Y'all:
>I've been lurking behind the scenes here for some months, but since I'm now
>going to start participating in discussions, I thought I should introduce
>I call myself Paracelcus Eulenlehrer, but that's not my real name. I am a
>biochemist and a professor at a major American university. I am trying to
>get tenure, so I can't use my university e-mail account or even my real name,
>otherwise my department may find out I'm a creationist and fire me. It's
>already happened twice in my department, so I don't want to make it a third

Since you choose to remain anonymous, then you should refrain from
making allegations that you cannot sustain in view of said
anonymity. Surely you don't expect anyone to accept without
evidence spectacular claims from an anonymous source.

Let us see some reasoned argument worthy of a biochemistry
professor with such a nice publication record (incidentally,
I think you are the first assistent professor that I have
"known" who has so many publications). Elsewhere you wrote:

'I mean, I've sat in on department meetings where the overwhelming evidence
against evolution has been discussed and lamented, and heard the chairman to
remark, "Heaven help us if any of this evidence ever gets published." I
tell you the evolutionists are running scared and they'll do anything to
hide the truth.'

Please, share with us this overwhelming evidence which your
department chair hopes never gets published.

You also mentioned bombardier beetles in another post. Can
you be more specific? Why would bombardier beetles explode?

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