Re: humans irreducibly complex?

David J. Tyler (
Mon, 24 May 1999 17:54:20 GMT

Rich Daniel wrote:

> In a very few years, we'll know the complete DNA sequences for man, chimp,
> and gorilla. I'll make you a bet: There will be no human genes that are
> not also in chimps and gorillas, with very minor differences. (Actually
> it's just barely possible that there could be one or two genes extra in
> humans, because they were deleted during the evolution of chimps, but those
> would be found in gorillas. Another source of extra genes would be
> retroviral insertions, but those should leave traces showing their viral
> origins.)

I know you have offered this "bet" to Paracelsus, but before this
exchange gets too polarised, I would like to inject the thought that
creationists have no reason to take you up on it. Design
considerations suggest that the task of DNA is very similar for Apes
and mankind - the DNA ought to be very similar.

> Someone who believes there is a huge gap separating man from apes should
> expect hundreds of genes in man that bear no similarity to chimp genes.

But is the gap to be found in the type of tasks genes do? If the
answer is "no", then why should creationists expect to see a gap

Best regards,
David J. Tyler.