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>You mentioned that Behe had published his data. What journals?

Dear all,

In the hope that this might shed more light than heat, this is what a quick
search on the BIDS scientific literature database reveals (for 1996-98):

Copyright 1999, Institute for Scientific Information Inc.

Database: Science Citation Index

(1) TI: Embryology and evolution
AU: Behe_MJ
JN: SCIENCE, 1998, Vol.281, No.5375, p.348

(2) TI: Defining evolution
AU: Behe_MJ
JN: SCIENTIST, 1997, Vol.11, No.22, p.10

(3) TI: Oligoadenosine tracts favor nucleosome formation
AU: Mahloogi_H, Behe_MJ
Vol.235, No.3, pp.663-668

(4) TI: Defining evolution
AU: Behe_MJ
JN: SCIENTIST, 1997, Vol.11, No.12, p.10

(5) TI: Darwinism and design
AU: Behe_MJ
JN: TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION, 1997, Vol.12, No.6, p.229

(6) TI: Non-conservative mutations are well tolerated in the globular
region of yeast histone H4
AU: Agarwal_S, Behe_MJ
JN: JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 1996, Vol.255, No.3, pp.401-411

**** End of Data ****

Tim >>

***** Well, four of the five are letters, the one that I assume is purported
by ID supporters to provide evidence of design (somehow) merely points out
that histones are not homogeneous (more or less) in yeast. So what?