RE: Introduction

Pim van Meurs (
Sun, 23 May 1999 21:37:01 -0700

My comments:
For your information my colleagues did none of those things. They simply said evolution was pseudoscience and tried to prove it. For that they were denied tenure and dismissed.

So they were fired for doing shoddy science.

As for lawsuits, my lawyer tells me that since creationism is not a religious denomination and as long as I am not fired for being a Christian, I have no case.

Of course not, this is an issue of doing science versus not doing science.

Your comments suggest that creation scientists or ID theorists regularly do these things. In fact every evolutionist I've known has at one time or another misrepresented evidence pertaining to evolution, refused or failed to scrupulously back up extraordinary claims, and willfully ignored the scientific method whenever it suited there purposes.

I am sure you will support that with some evidence?

I mean, I've sat in on department meetings where the overwhelming evidence against evolution has been discussed and lamented, and heard the chairman to remark, "Heaven help us if any of this evidence ever gets published." I tell you the evolutionists are running scared and they'll do anything to hide the truth.

Nice but this kind of evidence is worth little since it can not be collaborated.

But I would love to see you address what you consider flawed in the theory of evolution?