Climate change and the Christian (was Another Introduction)

Jonathan Clarke (
Sat, 22 May 1999 14:23:49 +1000

Greetings Tim

Tim Mitchell wrote:

> Dear all,
> Hmmmm. I've been lurking for quite a while too, so it is probably about
> time that I owned up to reading some of your exchanges from time to time.

Welcome, your contributions will be valued.

> I would be interested to learn what prompted our friend "Paracelcus
> Eulenlehrer" to choose those particular names to speak under. Might it be
> because the followers of Paracelsus (and Paracelsus himself) had rather a
> hard time at the hands of the establishment?
> Anyway, I'm in the privileged position in being in a world-leading
> institution that is greatly interested in the history of the earth as well
> as its future, and that does not have any objections to me being a
> Christian or a creationist. So I am happy to be known by my real name, Tim.
> For more details about my climate research or the Climatic Research Unit,
> use the link in my signature at the bottom.
> I have avoided making any contributions thus far for two reasons:
> 1. I dislike the abuse / flames that come from some of the emails sent to
> this list. Call me a wimp, but although I enjoy debate, I dislike personal
> remarks and abuse. So if you want to get me off the list, then send me abuse!

I fully agree with your concern, this is an open discussion before a watching
world, and it fully behoves all of us to remember that Jesus said that the world
will know that we are His disciples because we love each other.

> 2. I don't have the time to make substantial contributions to debates about
> which I am not particularly knowledgable, so I propose to limit my
> contributions to climate-related issues, about which I do know a little.

So, what is your understanding about climate change?

To what extent do present changes in climate reflect human as opposed to
non-human ("natural" influences?

What should be our response and action as Christians to climate change issues,
especially as Christians in science?

God Bless