Re: Introduction

Susan Brassfield (
Fri, 21 May 1999 13:12:14 -0600

>get tenure, so I can't use my university e-mail account or even my real name,
>otherwise my department may find out I'm a creationist and fire me. It's
>already happened twice in my department, so I don't want to make it a third

I'm curious if they were fired for the bare fact of being a creationist, or
for exhibited behavior. If the former they could have a religious
discrimination lawsuit, if the latter, then you are home free. All you
would have to do is not misrepresent evidence pertaining to evolution,
always scrupulously back up extraordinary claims, and be careful to always
use the scientific method when trying to discredit the other side or prove
your claims. The scientific method is dear to the hearts of most university
science departments who will not accept discarding it lightly.

>. . . . I have to play the part of the good little
>evolutionist who asks no questions and blindly follows doctrine.

perhaps you are at the wrong university. Most details of evolutionary
theory are under constant examination. You may not have noticed that
Evolutionary theory is always in flux (like nearly every scientific theory)
and the discussion and questions are always ongoing.

Nevertheless, welcome to the group! The discussion has been quite boring
lately and new blood is just what is needed :-)



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