Re: Mitochondrial Eve

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Fri, 21 May 1999 12:52:49 -0500

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>> I agree with Steve Clark. This argument is circular. I look
>> forward to see your reply to his comments.
>I already replied to him the day before yesterday; perhaps you saw it after
>reading my reply to you. So far he has not responded, probably because he
>realizes he jumped to alot of silly conclusions and prefers not to call
>attention to that fact. However, he said nothing about what we are
>discussing, nor did he say that any of my arguments are circular. He
>objected to my statement that alleles of microsatellites are different
>as I admitted he was right to criticize that because I had been ignorant
>about what microsatellites were and had misinterpreted it because of the
>allele. I am not familiar with the use of the term allele for anything
>than true genes, so when I saw allele I assumed the authors were discussing
>true genes. As it turned out I was wrong.

I did claim your arguments were circular. Also, the definition of an
allele has nothing to do with "true" genes. This is basic genetics.