Thu, 20 May 1999 22:41:22 EDT

Hi Y'all:

I've been lurking behind the scenes here for some months, but since I'm now
going to start participating in discussions, I thought I should introduce

I call myself Paracelcus Eulenlehrer, but that's not my real name. I am a
biochemist and a professor at a major American university. I am trying to
get tenure, so I can't use my university e-mail account or even my real name,
otherwise my department may find out I'm a creationist and fire me. It's
already happened twice in my department, so I don't want to make it a third

I'm a design theorist and a Christian, but I've had to hide all that to avoid
discrimination. It's only been recently that I've felt safe enough to
participate in a few private debates, under my assumed name of course. Now I
want to try some public debates, but only under strictest security. I won't
give out my name or affiliation, or my publications (50 articles so far, plus
a couple of books) or any other information that would permit an evolutionist
to track me down. Not even to fellow creationists, at least until I know I
can trust them, because I've been burned in the past. I'm sorry it has to be
that way, but I have to live and work and eat and clothe my family in the
real world, and to do that I have to play the part of the good little
evolutionist who asks no questions and blindly follows doctrine. I hope
y'all will understand and let me keep my privacy. Maybe after I get tenure I
can "come out", but until then I have to be very carefull.