Re: Life in the Lab -- Review Paper

Cliff Lundberg (
Tue, 18 May 1999 11:03:58 -0700 wrote:

>In any event, I will be occasionally posting (or offerring to send) updates
>on my work. I would therefore appreciate any comments anyone would be
>willing to make (and I do mean **ANY** comments from **ANYONE**), including
>suggestions, critiques, and reviews.

I think your main task is philosophical, pushing a definition of 'life'
that is not familiar. But more specifically, I'd like to see it spelled out
whether you think proteinoid microspheres are part of the history of
life as we know it, or whether they are a new form of life. If the former,
how does the transition occur, from polymerization to DNA, as the
mechanism for making cells?

Personally, I think cells arising before DNA seems like houses arising
before people. But if this is a whole new kind of life, maybe that's OK.
I do wonder how this method (polymerization) of generating biological
structures could sustain and develop the detailed information necessary
for advanced life forms. Does the theory normally include incorporating
DNA at some point?

I know. Read the literature. I hope you realize that your constant
admonition to read the literature is simply an ad hominem attack,
a suggestion that only ignorance prevents people from thinking as
you do. If you have command of your subject, you should be able
to answer even ignorant questions directly in a few sentences.

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