RE: Punctuated Equilibrium: reviving the dead man?

Cummins (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 22:51:27 -0500

> []On Behalf Of Joel Duff
> Mutations are constant? Why must this be so? Also, this paragraph above
> seems to assume that all evolution acts upon accumulated point mutations
> and sounds very much like only classical beads on a string genetics is
> being considered. What about exon shuffling, gene rearrangement etc.. as
> a dynamic response to environmental conditions. I would ask why can't
> organisms have evolved responsive systems to boost their own
> "evolvability?" ie. mutations (point mutations, release of retroviral
> components of the genome etc..) may be intentionally elevated to
> provide a source of new genetic material. Joel

What's the point of your statements? The point of the thread is that
there is no mechanism for Punctuated Equilibrium. Is any of that suppose
to be a mechanism for PE?