Life in the Lab -- Preface
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 18:08:53 EDT

Greetings to One and All:

Before I signed off for my move, I had stated that while I intended to
provide Brian Harper with references to help him understand from where the
concensus that life has been made in the lab comes from, that I would not
waste my time providing references to people who are too stubborn to look
them up for themselves, and who do not want to believe that what I am saying
is correct in any event. Since then, I have been reminded through private
correspondence that my reason for joining this list was not to try to convert
the half dozen or less people who simply refuse to accept the scientific
facts when they are presented to them, but to "witness" to the dozen or more
(normally silent) people who are sitting on the fence or have genuinely open
minds. While none of the "half dozen" have ever acknowledged the citations I
have provided, members of the "dozen" often have, in private. So I have
decided to take up Art Chadwick's challenge and provide citations to the
entire group, for the benefit of the "dozen".

I am in the process of assembling my notes and it may be a week before I can
post my essay. Until then, if anyone would like to request that I discuss
any specific information, I would be open to suggestions.

Kevin L. O'Brien