Re: Peppered Moths and Creationists
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 13:29:01 -0500 (CDT)

Paul Nelson is a design theorist/creationist. It often
rains in Seattle, where the Discovery Institute is located.
Design theorists are likely to be interested in challenges
to received neo-Darwinian interpretations of data, including
the peppered moth data.

Dog bites man. Et cetera. Not exactly "60 Minutes," front
page of the NY Times material.

I'll be explaining my views on natural selection at some length
in a forthcoming issue of the magazine _Touchstone_, and would
be happy to send a copy of this article to Don Frack, if he's
interested (contact me via e-mail, Don -- I'm a reasonable guy).
Also, we'll be treating the peppered moth controversy in detail
in the next issue of _Origins & Design_. In the interim, I expect
the readers of this list are as weary of this discussion as I am.

Paul Nelson
Senior Fellow
The Discovery Institute

P.S. to Don Frack: I hope you'll download some of my articles
at the Discovery Institute web site, and give me your reactions.