Re: Evolution: dead man walking

Ami Chopine (
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 00:04:08 -0700

> Gerald Schroeder sounds like the typical theistic evolutionist who tries
> stick God into all the gaps he can find.

I had already written to Rich about this, thought I had posted it to the
whole group, but here is basically what I said:

Since I haven't read "Science of God", I cannot make specific statements
about it, but it appears to me that after Dr. Schroeder was very succesful
in his first book in explaining how Genesis and Physics (specifically,
cosmology) are in harmony with eachother, he decided he could tackle
'proving' God with science. I have read other reviews on it. I will have to
read the book myself, but it appears that this more recent book is not as
good and well thought out as his first one. One of the problems may be
that, except for a couple of chapters in "Genesis.." (which were along the
same lines as probability against evolution) he remains well within his
areas of expertise, which would be Physics and Hebrew, but in "Science..",
he expands the ideas in those very same chapters which were the weakest. He
also goes beyond commentary on the Old Testament, to asserting a scientific
basis for belief in God.

Anyway, take it or leave it, I think it is worth a read. The second one may
be also, if only to glean some information.


Ami Chopine