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Thu, 8 Apr 1999 16:58:31 -0600

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>> This makes all the
>> eviloutionists laugh because it's the Theory of Evolution that ties
>> together all of our knowledge of biology and makes all those facts make
>> sense.
>Susan, Susan, Susan, it doesn't take but a heartbeat for an Evolutionist to
>prove that I'm right. What on earth do you mean by "the Theory of
>Evolution"? I was just told that Evolution is both a theory and a fact and
>that the theory explains the fact. According to the Talk Origins Fact vs.
>Theory Evolution FAQ, the fact of evolution is ameba-to-man and all that
>sort of stuff (Sagan and others concur). Now, you speak of the Theory of
>Evolution. Obviously, you can't mean the ameba-to-man stuff. So, what's
>left? Punctuated Equilibrium ties together all of our knowledge about

PuncEq is a hypothesis that sometimes evolution is fast and sometimes its
slow. It's really not part of this conversation.

>> creatures. As you examine rocks of younger and younger age you see fossils
>> of more complex creatures.
>There you go again contradicting all your evolutionist pals. What does
>complexity have to do with Evolution?

seems to me that my evolutionist pals were trying to convince you that
evolution has nothing to do with an *indefinite increase* in complexity.

>BTW, "It is a fact that in the rocks dated as being the very oldest we find
>fossils of single-celled creatures."

it looks like you were about to make an especially telling point here and
got cut off. Can you send the rest of the post?

Susan, an indefinitely complex twit.


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