RE: Evolution: dead man walking

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Thu, 8 Apr 1999 15:22:27 -0500

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> > ...If you want to read an interesting book which postulates both a
> > interpretation, and an old universe, read "Genesis and the Big Bang: The
> > Discovery of Harmony Between Modern Science and the Bible." By Dr.
> > Schroeder...
> Normally I wouldn't butt into a conversation about which interpretation of
> the Bible is correct. I'd just like to mention that I wrote a book review
> (
> eview) of Schroeder's _The Science of God_.

Gerald Schroeder sounds like the typical theistic evolutionist who tries to
stick God into all the gaps he can find. Assuming atheistic Evolutionists
can't explain some precision balance in nature, God did it. The cause of
randomness, which by definition is illogical, is God (via free will). The
improbability of life forming naturally is handled by God. But, "The six
days of creation in Genesis correspond perfectly, both in order and timing,
to a universal clock based on the frequency of the cosmic background
radiation." has me totally confused.