RE: Where's the Evolution?

Cummins (
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 15:01:48 -0500

> []On Behalf Of Susan Brassfield

> This makes all the
> eviloutionists laugh because it's the Theory of Evolution that ties
> together all of our knowledge of biology and makes all those facts make
> sense.

Susan, Susan, Susan, it doesn't take but a heartbeat for an Evolutionist to
prove that I'm right. What on earth do you mean by "the Theory of
Evolution"? I was just told that Evolution is both a theory and a fact and
that the theory explains the fact. According to the Talk Origins Fact vs.
Theory Evolution FAQ, the fact of evolution is ameba-to-man and all that
sort of stuff (Sagan and others concur). Now, you speak of the Theory of
Evolution. Obviously, you can't mean the ameba-to-man stuff. So, what's
left? Punctuated Equilibrium ties together all of our knowledge about
biology? I guess that should make all Creationists laugh. And, the shell
games continue.

> They are delighted to comply. The Alabama creationists, like you
> do, believe that the word "theory" means "wild guess" to a scientist.

Again, "theory" by definition excludes known fact. There's a big jump from
that to wild guess.

> it is my understanding that "facts" is a synonym for "data."

Facts are things known to be true (the instrament says the temperature is 72
degreesF). In rigorous science, "data" (and logical extensions, as in
2+2=4), are the only things known to be true. In religion, any number of
things can be believed to be true. It is religious to call evolution a
fact, Evolution itself is not data or a logical extension of that data. I
congratulate you for referring to Evolution as a theory, but shame on you
for not seeing any middle ground between a fact and a wild guess. And, why
don't you jump on your fellow evolutionists who keep calling evolution a

> It is a fact
> that in the very oldest rocks we only find fossils of single-celled
> creatures. As you examine rocks of younger and younger age you see fossils
> of more complex creatures.

There you go again contradicting all your evolutionist pals. What does
complexity have to do with Evolution?

BTW, "It is a fact that in the rocks dated as being the very oldest we find
fossils of single-celled creatures."