RE: Where's the Evolution?

Cummins (
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 23:17:06 -0500

> []On Behalf Of Steven Schimmrich
> >Calling Evolution both a fact and a theory is solid evidence that
> >evolutionists are liars to the bone. It's a shell game, "theory" to look
> >scientific and "fact" to say no one is allowed to question it.
> It's designed to deceive and confuse.
> I truly doubt that there's anything that anyone could say which would
> your obvious hatred of evolution and of everyone not rejecting it as you
do for
> philosophical/religious reasons.

Why can't any evolutionist clearly and concisly state the generally accepted
fundamental aspects of Evolution that are facts and the fundamental aspect
of Evolution are theories? I know "the theory explains the fact" but
Evolutionists have the most difficult time knowing themselves what the facts
vs. the theories are.

Why did Carl Sagan say "Evolution is a fact, not a theory." Was he ignorant
of something so basic? A liar? Or, IMO, just being honest about his
(religous) beliefs?

Why does my biology book and my dictionary say say ameba-to-man is a theory
but the archive article on evolution being both a fact and a
theory sayd ameba-to-man is a fact? Do facts=data?