RE: [Fwd: Peppered Moths - round 2 (part 2 of 2)]

Pim van Meurs (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 20:54:27 -0700

Typical creationist hubris. Thanks for exposing this. Too bad that it was done in God's name.

You wrote: Thank you very much for the meticulous way in which you have laid to rest the
myth of the peppered moths.

Indeed it was good to see how the detractors of the peppered moth had to resort to unfounded accusations of fraud. Combine this with a severe lack of understanding on their part of the actual science involved and one realizes once again why creation "science" isn't.

You wrote: The switch from unreserved praise to unreserved condemnation of Michael Majerus by the anti evolution folk was most instructive. This is especially enlightening given the preparedness of the
supporters of evolution to accept (uncritically though it was in hindsight) the apparent demise of the evidence of peppered moths as evidence of natural selection.

The attempt by some poor creationists to accuse of dishonesty without supporting evidence shows once again that they are not interested in science but merely in destroying what they consider in conflict with their beliefs. It's sad that some Christians claim to be doing this in Christ's name.

I have some idea from my own experience the amount of work your effort entails,
so once again I thank you.