RE: Where's the Evolution?

Steven Schimmrich (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 19:38:38 -0400

At 04:47 PM 4/6/99 -0500, Cummins wrote:
>> []On Behalf Of Steven Schimmrich
>> This reminds me of an essay on the Talk Origins page titled "Evolution
>> is a fact and a theory" by Laurence Moran, a biochemist at the University of
>> Toronto (
>The article asserts that the fact of evolution is ameba-to-man and that
>alleles change in frequency over time (my words). The article asserts that
>there are theories about the mechanisms that cause Evolution (e.g. how do
>alleles change in frequency, or some such nonsense).
>Why can't Evolutionists just say that Evolution is a fact, not a theory?
>Something isn't a theory just because you aren't certain of what produces
>it. And, a theory by definition is something that is not known to be a
>fact. And, facts=data and prehistory is not data. So, there's no reason or
>logic in calling Evolution both a fact and a theory.
>Calling Evolution both a fact and a theory is solid evidence that
>evolutionists are liars to the bone. It's a shell game, "theory" to look
>scientific and "fact" to say no one is allowed to question it. It's designed
>to deceive and confuse.

I truly doubt that there's anything that anyone could say which would change
your obvious hatred of evolution and of everyone not rejecting it as you do for
philosophical/religious reasons.

- Steve.

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