RE: Where's the Evolution?

Cummins (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 16:47:14 -0500

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> This reminds me of an essay on the Talk Origins page titled "Evolution
is a
> fact and a theory" by Laurence Moran, a biochemist at the University of

The article asserts that the fact of evolution is ameba-to-man and that
alleles change in frequency over time (my words). The article asserts that
there are theories about the mechanisms that cause Evolution (e.g. how do
alleles change in frequency, or some such nonsense).

Why can't Evolutionists just say that Evolution is a fact, not a theory?
Something isn't a theory just because you aren't certain of what produces
it. And, a theory by definition is something that is not known to be a
fact. And, facts=data and prehistory is not data. So, there's no reason or
logic in calling Evolution both a fact and a theory.

Calling Evolution both a fact and a theory is solid evidence that
evolutionists are liars to the bone. It's a shell game, "theory" to look
scientific and "fact" to say no one is allowed to question it. It's designed
to deceive and confuse.