RE: Recent rhetoric

Pim van Meurs (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 22:17:44 -0700

Cummins: As a matter of logic, there is no such thing as chance. We defer to chance
when we don't understand all the variables.

Not necessarily true. Chance is a very real concept.

CumminsL Evolution absolutely requires increases in complexity if it is to account
for the appearance of any new kind of animal.

An assertion that you have yet failed to provide supporting data for,

Cummins: (Variation that is not an increase in complexity is of no relevance to the Evolution/Creation debate and does nothing to explain the origins of species) As a matter of logic,
and without God/intelligence, the only kind of universe we can have is one
that is running down.

GLobally yes, locally no. It's as simple as that and you close your eyes what God's telling you.

Without intelligence, you don't even have a means of
making progress, let alone preserving it.

Speak for yourself.