RE: Peppered Moths - in black and white

Pim van Meurs (
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 09:20:48 -0700

Pim van Meurs wrote:
>Cliff: Creationists do science a service when they make challenges based on
>this valid point.
>So they do serve a purpuse after all ?

Cliff: Why are you on this list if you don't think they have anything interesting
to say?

Who says that they don't have anything interesting to say ?

Cliff: I see the 'modern synthesis' of the 30's as an exercise in pulling the
wagons together and sweeping the anomalies and difficulties under
the rug; this is response to the realization that creationists were not
going to go away, and that creationists had considerable political
influence over funding and textbook purchasing. Evolutionary science
has not recovered from this compromising approach; it is vulnerable
because it has left it to the creationists to ask the hard questions.

But my opinion is that creationists are not interested in science, they are just interested in showing evolution to be wrong. As you said yourself, they have considerable political influence.