Re: Peppered Moths - in black and white

Kevin O'Brien (
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 16:48:39 -0700

It's obvious that you do not want to believe that what I am telling you is
true, considering they way you twisted my words to distort my position.
Fine, Cliff, have it your way, but as I said before you do not have to take
my word for it. Read the scientific literature, such as the textbooks of
Douglas Futuyma; they'll show you how "micro-" and "macroevolution" all fit
together as evolution as a whole. (You have some serious misconceptions
about the relationship between phenotype, genotype, the genome and DNA in
general, and how they relate to evolution.) The scientific literature will
also alleviate your ignorance concerning the timing and mode of change of
the Cambrian explosion. Read the creationist literature of the past three
decades; it will demonstrate how creationists have manipulated the terms of
the debate to their advantage.

Kevin L. O'Brien