RE: Peppered moths

Cummins (
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 14:05:01 -0600

> []On Behalf Of Troy Britain
> Yes, heaven forbid that anyone should actually have to learn even the
> terminology (let alone the methodologies & facts) used in the
> sciences that
> they are sure are totally wrong...

We have people using 5-cent reasoning with 5-dollar words. And, often (as
in the example I used), the 5-dollar word isn't any more precise than the
5-cent word. So, why do some of the people in this newsgroup use "the
terminology"? My 2-cents is that they want to sound more intelligent and
more informed.

Although, self-important Evolutionists are not alone in this juvenile
babble? Ever read documents produced by teachers for other teachers? Too
bad their language only handicaps their thinking ability.