RE: Where's the Evolution?

Pim van Meurs (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 22:21:05 -0800

Brian Harper: BTW, don't be too influenced by Cummins :). The "ability of things
to evolve naturally, step by step, from simple to complex" is not,
actually, a prediction of evolution. Believe it or not, it is
still a point of controversy as to whether evolution (the actual
process as opposed to a theory) results in a *general* trend
toward increasing complexity. Yes, of course, there are cases
where this has occurred. But it is not certain that this is a
generally anticipated outcome for all evolutionary change. Note
here that we are talking about the facts of the matter (what has
actually occurred?, does complexity always increase?, usually?).

Indeed, thanks for the link. Cummin's argument collapses in the lack of evidence supporting his assertion about indefinite increase incomplexity.