Re: Evolution's Imperative

Steve Clark (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 16:13:23 -0600

At 10:23 PM 3/31/99 +0100, Vernon Jenkins wrote:
>May I respectfully inquire of TEs: How can you so readily indulge in
>textual violence of this magnitude and yet believe you have the Gospel?
>Can't you see that evolution is a cruel deception? It is a cancer that
>weakens and ultimately destroys the roots of your faith; it is a heavy
>and largely self-imposed, yoke.

Actually, I find (as did Jesus) that Vernon's legalistic, Pharisaic
rigidity of belief, followed by denigration of those who do not share his
rigidity, is the bigger "cancer that weakens...roots" It also
admits a constricted view of God's abilities. As an antidote to this hard
heartedness, I would like to recommend a wonderful new book by Dallas
Williard, The Divine Conspiracy. I particularly recommend the second
section of the book that deals with Jesus' sermon on the mount and the