666 geometry

Brendan Frost (Brendan_Frost@cch.com)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 11:59:40 -0600

Hello Vernon----

You are right, I didn't want to open my eyes to 666. Your
webpage is really very interesting. I'm prepared to believe
that whoever wrote Revelations knew some Pythagoreanism.
The relationships you bring out are astonishing,
and heretofore unknown to me.

But I don't believe you demonstrate that the divine geometry is
unmediated without human understanding, or rather, divinely
manifest in the text. The tangential relationships between numbers
of fish caught and numbers of souls saved and 666 would seem to
displace any notion of multiple authorship by various numerate
individuals, I grant you, but the examples really seem obscure--
a straining at gnats? Plus, it's a fair guess that it is simply
coincidence. All of the rest of your truths are derived from
relating 666 to itself and a numerical value for "Jesus Christ"
(I have seen the value 358, which you don't mention, by the way).
I won't go into the "sentinel" you say that the opening verse of
Genesis represents---I will just point out the innumerable number
games possible with texts, as demonstrated on this list last year.
That is enough, I think, to shoot down any claim to divinity based
on the "numerics" of the passage alone.

Note that the truths around 666, the the devil's number, are much
fascinating than the truths around "Jesus' number", 888.
if I were a Biblical fundamentalist, I'd be disturbed by that.
for myself as a Luciferian, I think it's wonderful. Except for those

who take 666's Biblical Satanic connotations as an excuse to hate

"Hide, witch, hide
the good folk come to burn thee
Their pleasure hid behind
a gothic mask of Duty"
--Jefferson Starship