Re: Evolution's Imperative

Kevin O'Brien (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 19:17:09 -0700

>Further to the matter of 1Ki.7:23-26 and the Hebews understanding of Pi:
>(1) The ratio, inner circumference:outer diameter is given as 3 - the
>number of 'divine perfection' - which also crops up in respect of the
>supporting oxen and of the 300 knops on the rim. Further, the Temple (of
>which this laver was part) had a cubic 'Holy of Holies'(1Ki.6:20), and
>consisted of three parts: the Court, the Holy Place, and the Sanctuary.
>We are further informed that it had three chambers round about
>It seems highly likely, therefore, that the laver's designer had chosen
>to achieve this ratio so that the result would indeed glorify God. {As a
>spin off, the very real problem of representing a fraction in the text
>was also avoided).

Except that again this requires that Scripture be **interpreted** rather
than taken at face value like you demand of TEs. Since you violate your own
rule, let me then state that one acceptable interpretation of Genesis 1 is
that, since the Hebrew word for "day" can also mean an age or epoch,
references to "evening" and "morning" are simply poetic descriptions of the
end of a previous age and the beginning of the next.

Thus, just as it is possible for you to explain away a false value for pi,
TEs can accept the truth of Scripture without rejecting evolution.

Kevin L. O'Brien